Chicago interior design and interior decorating projects

Interior Design Projects

We have been busy designing some beautiful Chicago homes. See photos from some of our past interior design and renovation projects.

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Living Rooms

Tired of your old sofa from college? View our past living room design projects for ideas for your own home.

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Meet the Interior Design Team

Meet the team that will show you how to fall in love with the look of your home again.

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Home Office Design Ideas

Want to freshen up your home office? See photos from past projects to get some ideas

Approachable Interior Design in Chicago (and Suburbs) is Here

We are Design Inside, an approachable interior design firm that designs beautiful homes in Chicago and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We focus in taking a boring living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your home that you aren’t loving anymore and turn it into a space that you will love for many years to come. If you are ready to finally ditch that worn out sofa from college or the builder basic countertops that came with the bathroom in your new home, you have come to the right place.  Let our experienced team of interior designers guide you through the interior design and remodeling process to make sure that your project ends up looking great with the least amount of frustration along the way.

Interior Design Projects

We love helping our fellow Chicagoland neighbors get rid of their unsightly, non-functional and hideous spaces and swap it out for something better.  Here is a small sampling of our portfolio of 200+ projects that we have completed over the past few years.

We Are Here to Help You

Home Renovation Can Be Scary...

Let’s face it, its a bit intimidating to bring someone into your home and help you select a new sofa or design an entirely new kitchen.  It’s crucial that the final space is liked by everyone in the house, fits your needs, your budget and looks great!

We Are Here to Help

We can help you out for a few hours with our hourly design sessions, or a few months with our design projects. Whatever path you choose, we will be there to help make the home decorating and renovation process is as easy as possible.

Check Out Our Past Work

Take a look at some of our past projects to see the kind of work we have done.  We have split up our interior design portfolio by room for easy browsing.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to talk with someone more about your project, give us a call at 773.304.4133.  Or, or click the button below to email us.

Free Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Looking to improve the look and feel of your own home, but aren’t ready to hire an interior designer?  Check out our free tips and tricks section.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats and Amazing Rebates from ComEd

ComEd is offering Illinois customers rebates between $100 - $125 on Smart Thermostats which helps make these amazing devices even more affordable.
Sit Stand Desk Featured Image

Ikea Sit-Stand Desk Review

Sit/stand desks are all the rage these days. Check out how we are customizing the Bekant desk from Ikea to make it a bit more rustic for a home office.

What Size 4K Ultra HD TV is Right For My Room?

Choosing the right HDTV or 4k Ultra HDTV is important. Learn what size HD, 4K or Ultra HD TV is right for your room.
12 Bedroom Mansion at 1547 N. Dearborn Parkway, Chicago

How Would You Use This 12 Bedroom Mansion?

How would you use the 12 bedrooms in the beautiful $13.75M Laurie Mansion in Chicago that recently was listed on the market? We give you our ideas.

Testimonies & Reviews

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I can’t say enough good things about working with Bill and Katy. I hired them about 4 years ago for work on my master bed and bath, and then 2 years later for the rest of my place. They did fantastic work, and I continue to get compliments on my place… people are surprised that a single guy living alone can have such a nice place. Almost offensively so, now that I think about it.

Alex L.
Alex L.Yelp!

We worked with Kathryn Cherne and it was a great experience! She was able to listen to our ideas and incorporate our design style into the color choices.

Alexandra O.
Alexandra O.Yelp!

A Big Yelp Woohoo! As good as it gets!

…The only downside is I have to fess up to receiving help from Design Inside when I get compliments from my friends…Thanks Kathryn and everyone at D.I.!!!!

Andrew J.
Andrew J.

Kathryn and Bill are the house therapists and they can help you get your stuff together in a non-threatening way. They are really nice, down to earth people, not stuck up designers who only work in certain zip codes.  They never made me feel bad and I was really inspired to start working on my place.

Beatrice B.
Beatrice B.Yelp!

I really can not speak highly enough of not just their design work but the designers as people.  Emails at all hours of the day/night are common because they will do what it takes to meet a deadline.  They will also do whatever it takes to get the project completed – no matter what it means.

Robert J.
Robert J.Yelp!

We contacted Design Inside because we were having difficultly picking out colors for our new condo.  We had never used a designer before and after using them I will call them any time we need any major work done.  They exceeded our expectations in every way and did a great job of finding out what our style was before they even started working.

Tom C.
Tom C.Yelp!

Interior design can be one of the more overwhelming things in life…I’ve heard so many horror stories about decorators not worrying about how much you spend and just rushing through the job. Design Inside was NOT like this at all!

Dave & Mary G.
Dave & Mary G.Houzz

From start to finish the Design Inside team has an incredible design style, is very very respectful of budget and are great communicators. I personally really enjoy interior design and the team worked with my tastes and opinions very openly, a great experience. I will work with Design Inside again in the future, there’s no doubt.

Nick Y.
Nick Y.Houzz

Abigail was fantastic to work with and helped pick all my paint colors! Everything looks great! I would highly recommend her.

Nancy Van Dyke
Nancy Van DykeFacebook


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